Run Around Betties Holiday Help Packages

Marriage. Kids. It’s sink or swim.


In the new FX comedy series, Married, airing on Thursday nights at 10 pm on FX, Lina and Russ
desperately try to juggle three kids, work, money, and keeping the passion alive.


Too bad they don’t have a Betty to help.

Inspired by the show, Run Around Betties has put together a special menu of Betty services, specially tailored
for overwhelmed parents, busy families, and spouses looking to find some time to reconnect. Check out these special offer packages and see what a Betty can do for you! Available until August 17, 2014.




Recipe For Sanity

2 Betty hours/week for 1 month  –  $200 + cost of groceries (wine or flowers on us!)

Your Betty will do the weekly grocery shopping on Friday (or another day of your choice) for the next four weeks. Leave her the list. She’ll shop, unload the bags, and leave a complimentary bottle of wine chilling in the fridge or fresh vase of flowers, so that you can come home from a busy week to a stocked kitchen and no urgent weekend errand pressure.

Because You Need A Freakin’ Break

4 Betty hours/week for 1 month  –  $400 + cost of groceries (pie or cookies on us!)

For the next four weeks, let a Betty keep the household running smoothly.   One day a week, your Betty will come and get your shopping list.  Before she heads out, she’ll clean out the refrigerator and check all the bathrooms, the kitchen, and laundry for supply levels (e.g., soap, toilet paper, detergent).  Then with lists in hand, she’ll do the weekly grocery shopping (up to two stores) plus one other errand of your choice (e.g., dry cleaners, Target, post office, etc.).  She’ll unload the bags, restock the fridge (and bathrooms and laundry as applicable), empty trash cans around the house, and leave you with your choice of a complimentary freshly baked pie or batch of cookies each week.

Thank God I Don’t Have To Do This

4 Bob/Betty hours / 1 day – $75

Stop waiting for the spouse to get around to it. Knock out all those nagging little household irritations in one afternoon.  Let one of our Betties (or Bobs) hang that picture, replace the bulb in the entry and those missing outlet covers, de-squeak the door, move that bookshelf to the garage, and take a load to Goodwill. You make the list; we’ll get it done. Then you and your honey can just go to a movie instead.

 Refold. Rehang. Repeat.

5 Betty hours / 1 day – $100

Book a Betty to help you go through your closet, shift over your wardrobe between seasons, sort piles for dry cleaning and donation, and then refold and rehang what’s left.  She’ll drop the dry cleaning and donation piles off on her way home.

Because Kids Parties Are a Pain To Plan

5-6 Betty Hours – $100

Save yourself the usual spousal tension and the last-minute chaos on the day of your child’s birthday party.  A Betty will call you that week to check in and get your list of things to pick up on her way to the party (e.g., ice, cake, platters, etc.).  She’ll arrive two hours in advance to help with setting up, assist with the party as directed by you, and stay for an hour of post-party clean-up while you put your feet up and finally pour yourself that adult beverage you’ve been craving.

The Wingman

$40 per date

It’s long past time for a date night so let Betty help make it actually happen.   Following your booking, your Betty will call you to find out what you have in mind for your special night.  She’ll make the reservations and/or get the tickets, coordinate the sitter, and if desired, make a “secret admirer” delivery the afternoon of your date to set the mood for the night ahead.


TO PURCHASE A PACKAGE, CALL US @ 818.981.3398 or 424.672.3328 or

Package Terms and Conditions:

Limit one package per household; however, multiple packages may be purchased as gifts. Purchased packages (with discounted rate) are valid until December 31, 2014; after this date, package is valid for the amount paid for five years from date of purchase, longer if provided by law. Purchased packages are non-refundable. Packages cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions, coupon, discount, or certificate.

Bookings are subject to availability; please call or email 48-hours in advance of desired date/time. Minimum booking period is one hour; additional hours can be purchased at $25/hour. RAB requires 24-hours’ notice for cancellation or $25 cancellation fee will be charged. All new clients will be asked to sign a standard client agreement. The package rate includes the first 5 miles per day per client; after the first 5 miles, there is a charge of $0.55 per mile